Want to Automate Your Home? Here is Everything you Need to Know

 March 2020

Home automation is a term that finds excessive use these days. Simply put, smart homes are associated with a system that provisions centralised control of lighting, heating, ventilation & air-conditioning (HVAC) appliances, shades, AV systems, security locks of gates.

With the number of smart devices – smartphones, tablets and now the smartwatch on the rise, interconnection and communication has become a useful and desirable feature.

Source : www.freepik.com

Why Home Automation?

Home automation means convenience, efficiency, comfort and security. Here is how it works:


Easy access to dim or increase the intensity of lights, control shades etc with the touch of a button on your tablet/smartphone or a dynamic keypad.


Automation systems help easily control and reduce the power consumption of electrical appliances and fittings.


Automation can present environments for you without any real effort. Security: Using automation sensors and communications technologies, homes can be carefully and constantly monitored from anywhere.

How To Do It?

Building a smart house requires basic thoughts on design and technology. Taking control of things should be done unobtrusively and ensuring maximum efficiency.

Things To Keep In Mind

There are a few things that one needs to keep in mind while considering the shift. With the advent of wireless solutions, a retrofit installation is much more affordable than in the past. However, planning for home automation when building a new home remains the optimum opportunity to install the technology of your choice and save on infrastructure costs.

If you are building/planning to build a new home and are planning to install home automation systems, it is important to plan it in the early phase. It is always less expensive to install home automation systems while a home is being built rather than to wait till the very end.

With the architecture that you are looking at for your new home, the technology will be incorporated into it accordingly, blending in perfectly. Thinking of automation synchronously with construction plan means that the touch panels, keypads can easily be flush mounted into the walls.

Once installed, the wiring needed for automation systems can be used to add more devices like speakers, televisions, security systems etc. But it is imperative to have all the connections in place well in advance. It not only reduces the cost upfront but also gets rid of the trouble that one has to undergo with the change or addition to wiring once you are residing in the home. In fact, home automation providers these days are working closely with interior designers and architects to help coordinate your living style with controls that might be required.

State-of-the-art light automation systems involve the use of wireless switches and dimmers as against manual switches. To determine which lights need automation it is useful to think of lighting scenes.

Typical lighting scenes are sunset, night lights, morning time, dinner, party, entertainment. A room with different kinds of lighting can serve various purposes – movie screening or reading which is determined by the intensity of light. These scenes provide certain lighting levels depending on the time of day or a particular event taking place in the home.

Once you have defined the scenes that you most closely associate yourself with, you can identify the lights needed to accomplish each scene. After you complete the identification process you’ll have a total count of the number of dimmers/switches needed to support your desired scenes.

Installation And Cost

No matter what sort of system you’re planning to install, it is recommended to speak to an experienced system integrator first. Not only will they be able to advise you on what kind of system will best suit your needs, but they can also help to ensure that it’s installed in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Your preference might be to have automation with regards to lighting and shade control only, with no relevance of AV or security system; the cost in this case will be less than if you were to go for an extensive system. Simple systems can be installed reasonably cheaply.

Your budget is the only real limit to what you can do to make your house a smart home. You would have an optimised system when you involve the company or integrator in the design phase of the project.

You may go in for a wall mounted dynamic keypad that serves as a central control for all the automated systems in your home or even have access to all the systems by means of an app on your phone so you could control everything on the move especially when you are not at home. Create “scenes” with HomeWorks QS — preset light and shade levels that you can recall at the touch of a button.

For example, press the “Entertain” button on the keypad in your living room and lights and shades will adjust throughout your home to create just the right light. Additionally, you can even go in for sensor based features that automatically switch on or switch off the lights every time you enter or exit a room.

What Should One Avoid When Planning For Home Automation?

Homeowners should differentiate between what is “must have” and what is “nice to have” especially when you have budget limitation. You should avoid choosing systems which are very complicated to program or make change afterwards because your needs or preferences may change over time.

Reliability is a major factor for these systems. Look for old referral projects from companies. If it always requires complicated programming to change settings by trained professionals, it can bring you a lot of inconvenience and additional cost over time. You should also avoid relying on one single point of control, especially when it’s done via Wi-Fi because if the network is down, you will then have no control of your home devices.

Apart from integrated control via a central controller, it’s always good to have individual controls especially wall-mounted keypads, which are always accessible and seldom fail.

For an average household, you can save up to 60% of your lighting energy and 10-30% of your heating and cooling costs by adopting various strategies such as occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, personal dimming control, automated shading, plug load control and time scheduling etc. Dimming your lights by 25% can save 20% energy.

Automated shades can help block harmful UV and solar heat gain, thus lowering energy consumption by air-conditioners. So a home automation with total control of electric light and daylight will not only create a comfortable living environment, but also help save energy and money, while contributing to a greener planet.

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Tips to Get a Good Deal from Resale Property

March 2020

An apartment that you can move into within days, with all the logistics taken care of and no new apartment hiccups – is this what you are looking for? Then buying a re-sale property is your best option.

Magicbricks takes a look at some of the things that you need to look at to make an informed decision.

“Re-sale properties broadly fall into two categories: completed homes, ready for sale and those that will be completed in a short period of time,” says Karthik Madhukar, proprietor, Akshitha Estate Consultants, a broker who primarily focuses on re-sale property in Central Bangalore. “There are only two reasons for buyers opting for this segment: non-availability of new projects in the area they want to settle in or new projects being sold out in the area they prefer. And they cannot wait till the completion of pre-launch properties.”

Source : www.freepik.com


What is online booking?

“The area is generally non-negotiable here. But what buyers do not realise is that often a few areas around the locality have better options in terms of price and built-up space,” says Anandana Chariyar, of Durga Real Estate Agency, a third generation real estate agent in the city.

Chariyar gives the example of a client of his who bought an independent home in JP Nagar 7thPhase, when Brigade Millennium was under construction, a little distance away from the site.


“A re-sale property is not necessarily cheaper or more expensive than a new one,” says Madhukar. “However, you stand to get a better bargain if you buy a `to be soon ready construction’ project from a person who booked it at the pre-launch stage. In Bangalore, such properties are often sold at about 5-10 per cent below what the developer is offering.”

Another time to buy, real estate agents suggest, is when the market faces an oversupply.

In Central Bangalore for instance, 3BHK units are in over supply according to the latest Magicbricks PropIndex (Apr-Jun 2014). “When the market witnesses a marked oversupply, the re-sale buyer stands a better chance of getting a good deal, as the original owner has to keep his price below the price of the developer’s latest quote,” says Chariyar.


A few musts on the checklist include:

  • Verifying the title records and ensuring the property specifications conform to the claims
  • Builder-buyer agreement and original payment receipts against the installments paid
  • Pending amount with the builder
  • Reasons the owner is selling the property. “In case the property is being sold by someone who had originally planned to live in it, there may be negative reasons. These may include developer not having met the timelines or even the quality of promised amenities,” says Chariyar
  • Housing society rules and controls with regards to sale

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20 Ideas For Decorating Small Spaces On A Budget

February 2020

Source : pexels.com

Rented and studio apartments come with space limitation but simple home decor tricks like limiting yourself to a single look for the entire house and ditching louder colour shades that absorb light can give your small abode a more spacious and welcoming look, says an expert.

Ritu Malhotra, co-founder and chief of Operations of Renomania, an online home decor platform has shared a few tips that can help you make your appartment look more spacious:

1. An artistic wall shelf

Blank walls can make a room look dull. When decorating a small house on a budget, one of the easiest ways to add style to a wall is by painting it a lovely colour, but if you feel this idea is overused, then a geometric or artistic book shelf can add an interesting feature to the blank space. If you are good at carpentry, you can even make it yourself.

2. Sophistication in the TV area

You don’t have to invest in expensive television furniture to make the living room look more organized. Instead, get a wall mounted shelf with drawers for storing CDs and remotes. A light panel board with backlighting is a stylish and inexpensive proposition for framing the wall-mounted TV. This design won’t take up too much space or interfere with the small living room furniture arrangement.

3. A cheap makeover

Add style to a living room with just a few inexpensive touches. Consider covering a floor lamp with colourful fabric to brighten up the room. If the background wall looks too plain, stretch and paste some leftover fabric over some plywood or cardboard to create an instant backdrop. It’s one of those frugal DIY projects that you can get done over the weekend.

4. A partition shelf

When you are looking for apartment storage ideas on a budget, think of furniture that is functional as well as stylish. A wall shelf like the one in this image acts as a room divider in addition to providing space to display décor accessories.

5. DIY art

You don’t need expensive art or the work of a famous artist to make your walls look good. Buy a canvas and let the artist in you take over. Try to bring in colours that are present in the rest of the décor in the living room. Once it’s done, all you need to spend on is the frame for your masterpiece.

6. Paper lampshades

If you are looking for cute cheap ways to decorate an apartment, we have to perfect idea. Buy a few paper lampshades and hang them over your existing lights. It works with almost any type of décor style, whether it’s modern or rustic. Choose white for a minimalist home and brighter colours for rustic or country-style homes.

7. Repaint old chairs

Do you feel like your dining room needs a makeover? How about repainting the chairs in another colour?

8. Customize rental furniture

Nowadays, with the availability of cheap rental furniture, it’s much easier to implement home improvement ideas on a budget. You can take it a step further by adding bright covers to dining chairs or chaises to bring a personalized look that matches your décor.

9. Mirrors

When it comes to cheap home decorating ideas for small spaces, mirrors can become your favourite allies. They not only add style to the space, but also reflect the light to make the area appear larger than it is. Choose frames that add drama to the space.

10. Bar on the wall

If you want a bar area in your home, but can’t afford fancy furniture, invest in a floating shelf over a sideboard in the dining room. Fix racks underneath for storing wine glasses, and you have an easy DIY bar unit.

11. Go green

Plants provide one of the best options for cheap decorating ideas for apartments and small houses. Add a potted plant in the corner of the bathroom to bring a refreshing feel to the space.

12. Candles and flowers

Other DIY ideas for how to decorate a small bathroom include placing a flower arrangement and aroma candles on the counter. It brings a spa-like atmosphere that elevates the style in the bathroom. Instead of flowers, which you need to refresh often, consider a small potted plant with a fragrant herb or flowers.

13. An organised laundry area

Whether you live in an apartment or a small house, having a separate area to tuck away the laundry can bring elegance to your home. It doesn’t cost much to organize a space like you see here with a pull-out ironing board, a rack for hanging clothes and pretty baskets for storing things. Your house will look ultra-modern.

14. Display shelves in the bath

For small bathrooms, space is always a constraint. Instead of adding furniture that will crowd the floor space within the room, fix floating shelves on which you can organize your toiletries and cosmetics. Make it look like an expensive display that you would usually see in a high-end store.

15. Lift the curtains

When you are looking for cheap ideas on how to decorate a small bedroom, consider adding depth to the space by moving the curtain rod closer to the ceiling. This way, the curtains will flow from the ceiling to the floor and make the room look bigger. In the market, you can find readymade curtains that aren’t too expensive. They come in a range of fabrics and prices.

16. DIY wall sculpture

If you are looking for DIY projects for small bedrooms, then a decorative feature, such as this one, can easily be made with wire or thick twine, adhesive and some colourful beads and buttons. It will brighten up the space and add beauty to the wall.

17. Change the laminates

If you are bored with the way your kitchen looks, liven it up by changing the laminates on the cupboards. You don’t have to change them all, just a few will do the trick to make the room look new, without you having to spend much.

18. Repaint the cabinets

Another idea, which you can also include among your frugal DIY projects, for introducing freshness to a kitchen or even a bedroom, is to repaint the cabinets or wardrobes in a stunning shade. Try to choose a colour that contrasts the walls and the floor or matches the tiles.

19. Under stair shelves

If you have a staircase in your house, build a customized shelf unit under it, which can serve as a display space for your living room décor accessories.

20. A bold colour on the wall

A feature wall in a bold or contrast colour is a great way to add a memorable element to any part of the house, whether it’s a living room or a bedroom. You can either attempt this on your own or get the help of a professional painter. Consider decorating with thrift store finds such as masks or mirrors to add to the stylishness.

If you are unsure about how to go about redecorating your house, you should consult a professional to help you with the task. Inform him about the budget that you have in mind so that he can come up with innovative small home decorating ideas that are perfect for your home.

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50+ Ways to Make a Bedroom Beautiful (Part 2)

 February 2020

Source : pexels.com

Burnished gold

Burnt yellows are becoming an increasingly popular choice for interiors. Their muted tone makes them more suited to a restful bedroom scheme than sunshine yellow, and they pair beautifully with burnished metals for a luxurious look.

Cozy neutrals

Neutral tones bring a sense of calm and peace that’s perfect for a bedroom scheme. Layer up different shades and textures – from woollen fabrics to natural wood – to keep the room feeling cozy rather than flat.

Modern rustic

Up your design credentials in an instant by combining key pieces from different styles and eras. Here, a contemporary side table sits in elegant contrast to a rustic bench, while the fabrics on the bed include a blend of modern prints and relaxed linens. Go for 70% in one style and 30% in the other to ensure the look feels harmonious.

Coastal comfort

Coastal style doesn’t have to incorporate nautical accessories. A more subtle nod to a seaside setting can be achieved with lime-washed floorboards, jute accessories and a wood-paneled ceiling. Take your cue for the color palette from the soft, neutral tones of a pebble beach.

Lighten the tone

Ombré paint effects are an elegant way to work bright hues into a bedroom without overpowering the space. The easiest way to get an even look is to dilute a darker color into a variety of lighter shades using white paint. Separate your wall into a minimum of three horizontal sections, roll on the paint starting with the darkest shade at the bottom then blend the boundaries using a paint brush while the paint is still wet.

Another level

If you’re short on sleeping space and have the ceiling height, you can create two bedrooms in one by introducing a mezzanine-level bed. This is a great trick to use in a guest bedroom or shared children’s bedroom.

Quietly complementary

A neutral bedroom can be livened up by adding hints of accent color. Pairing up complementary colors works well, such as the orange and blue shown here. Make sure the accents are spread throughout the room to maintain a sense of balance.

Fabulous four-poster

Is there anything more opulent than a four-poster bed? Keep the rest of the scheme simple and let the bed be the star of the show. An open bed design, such as the one shown here, is a great way to work a four poster into a classic but not overly-traditional scheme. If it’s grandeur you’re after, go all out with a Victorian-style four-poster, complete with awnings and curtains.

Modern four-poster

Four-poster beds don’t have to be traditional. A pared-back contemporary design will still add that special something to your bedroom scheme. Drape a light voile across the top of the frame for an update on traditional bed curtains.

Beam me up

If you’re building a bedroom in an eaves space, it’s worth checking whether you can open the room up right to the top of the roof, exposing any original beams that might be hiding there. This will make an otherwise tight space feel tall and airy, while showing off the architectural beauty of your home.

Backlit bedroom

Soft lighting is a must in the bedroom. Here, built-in storage has been transformed into a stunning headboard display using warm, low-level lighting placed on recessed shelves. LED candles give the flickering glow of candlelight without the fire hazard.

Bold and beautiful

The bedroom can be an energizing space as well as a relaxing one, especially if the room doubles up as a place to work or study. When introducing a bright hue into a bedroom, stick to one or two colors max to prevent the scheme from becoming overstimulating.

Graphic display

This simple but striking wall pattern has been created using nothing but paint – an affordable way to make a statement in your bedroom. If that sounds a bit too labor intensive, you could get a similar look using wallpaper, such as Mini Moderns’ Homework design, $85 (£65) per 10m roll.

Salvaged style

You don’t need to splash out on expensive materials to create a statement headboard. This eye-catching example is made from reclaimed wooden floorboards and adds a cabin-like feel to this cozy bedroom.

Art attack

Your bedroom is the most personal room in your home, so why not use it to express your own personal sense of style? A piece of statement art on your bedroom wall will be a treat just for you to enjoy, away from the inquisitive eyes of guests and other household members.

Rainbow pastels

Pastels offer the perfect palette for color lovers, allowing you to mix and match different hues without being too bold for the bedroom. Stick to low-intensity sorbet shades and you’ll find it hard to go wrong.

Gallery wall

It’s hard to go wrong with a gallery wall, which can look particularly chic when used on the headboard wall in a bedroom. Keep the look smart by aligning the outer edges of the frames and restricting your color palette to two or three key hues.

Into the blue

Blue is the ultimate bedroom color. Cool and calming, it sets your mind at ease and calms your heart rate, preparing you for a good night’s sleep. Layer up different shades of blue, from mid-tones to light, to create a serene sanctuary.

Nautical by night

Nautical style allows you to have a bit of fun with your bedroom scheme, while still retaining a smart, grown-up feel. Navy blue and white are an easy combination to work with and you can bring the look up-to-date with a mix-and-match approach to pattern.

Subdued statement wall

If you like the idea of pattern in your bedroom but prefer to stick to soothing tones, go for a statement wallpaper in neutral colors. Keep things calm by restricting pattern in the rest of the scheme and introducing only low-intensity hues, such as the soft grays shown here.

White on white

There’s something irresistibly exclusive about an all-white bedroom. This is a space just for you, where children, pets and anything else that threatens to disrupt the harmony are forbidden. Luxe fabrics and finishes will lend an air of opulence and add depth to the scheme.

Urban texture

Embrace the raw texture of warehouse-space walls by leaving them bare. Their stark beauty contrasts strikingly with warm metals and eye-popping accent colors. If you don’t have brick or concrete walls, you can get the look with textured wallpaper or by painting surfaces with a thin layer of micro concrete.

Absolute vintage

Vintage furniture and accessories give a room instant character, especially if you mix and match items that you would’t necessarily expect to see together. An iron-framed bed is a versatile choice that will look equally at home in a country or urban scheme.

Paint it black

Black interiors are having a bit of a moment and the bedroom might be the perfect place to try out the trend. A black backdrop creates a cocooning effect that’s just right for a space designed for sleeping. Make sure you incorporate enough light tones in the furniture and soft furnishings to prevent the room from feeling gloomy or oppressive.

A pair of pendants

If you’re short on space, try hanging decorative pendants as bedside lights. This not only adds a designerly touch to your bedroom scheme, but will save valuable bedside table space, too.

Blend blues and grays

Sleep in a serene space that’s calming and elegant with a palette of chalky blues and soft grays. Add in pattern and texture with cushions and throws and keep wood natural to add warm notes to the look.

Bright idea

Light art is another great choice for a bedroom. It will make a quirky, contemporary addition to your scheme as well as providing extra mood lighting when the overhead lights are switched off.

The perfect Shelfie

Propping makes for an unusual alternative to hanging art. Here, a simple white shelf adorned with prints creates a beautiful focal point in an otherwise spartan bedroom, adding deeper color to a chalky scheme. Still hungry for more? Why not choose a new color combination for your bedroom?

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Want Your Apartment To Look Bigger? Apply These Simple Hacks

Source : Freepik.com

Rented and studio apartments come with space limitation but simple home decor tricks like limiting yourself to a single look for the entire house and ditching louder colour shades that absorb light can give your small abode a more spacious and welcoming look, says an expert.

Ritu Malhotra, co-founder and chief of Operations of Renomania, an online home decor platform has shared a few tips that can help you make your appartment look more spacious:

Use light colours

Since you cannot make changes in terms of space and architecture, playing with the decor and colour of your house is a good way to give it an amplified look.

Go for light colours on the walls like basic white or yellow or other pastel shades that reflect light and make a space look larger. Darker shades absorb light and make your house look smaller than its actual size. Bed linens or sofa colors in a light colors also helps in making the space look more spacious.


Lights play an important role. If the house is not properly lit up, it can cast a shadow in the house and make the surrounding look dull and give a crammed feeling. Natural lighting is the best way to keep the house lit up.

Make sure that there is no furniture in front of windows to block the way of light. If your apartment does not get enough natural light, then use artificial lighting. Go for white lights instead of yellow because it can give your house a brighter look hence, making it look bigger.

Use that wall

When the floor area is less, it is a novel idea to convert your walls into storage spaces. You can mount wooden shelves or slabs that can store a lot of things like books and showpieces.

Paint these in bright colors to give your room a bright and cheerful look. Not only do mirrors make a classy option to decorate your space, but are also extremely illusional. If you use mirrors in different forms in the house, they can help you give an impression of a larger house than it actually is.

Multi-functional furniture

The furniture occupies the maximum space in the house, hence its important that its chosen wisely. Leather or velvet sofas and couches take a lot of space and make a place look claustrophobic. Go for tables with glass tops, because of their transparent quality, they don’t obstruct vision and make a space look bigger.


Don’t keep things that need to be discarded. It’s a good idea to donate unused furniture and other clutter, and will free a lot of floor space and make your room look bigger. Keep desk clear of papers, glasses and unnecessary articles as that tricks the eye into perceiving that there is more room available.


When you are hanging the curtains on the windows, hang them close to the ceiling. It gives a taller look to the house.

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Why Akshaya Tritiya Is More Auspicious For Investing In Property

Even the most impulsive of buyers patiently wait for the right occasion before they start a new life in a new home. For most people, the Akshaya Tritiya is that perfect occasion, which is celebrated on May 7 2019.

Before we talk about the many monetary benefits homebuyers stand to gain if they buy an immovable asset this Akshaya Tritiya, it would be appropriate to find out more about the occasion and what lies behind its religious significance.

What is Akshaya Tritiya?

Astrologically speaking, Akshaya Tritiya is one of the three-and-a-half tithies (dates) in the Hindu calendar that are considered the most auspicious; the other two-and-a-half are the first tithi in the month of Chaitra, the 10th in the month of Ashwin (also known as Vijaya Dashmi), and half of the first tithi in the month of Kartik.

The Sanskrit word Akshaya means something that never diminishes while Tritiya implies the third tithi of a month. Hindus, as well as Jains, consider this day auspicious to make investments of all kinds, especially in gold and property. Legend has it that if you invest on this day, the worth of the asset would go up in the future. Falling in the Shukla Paksha (the bright fortnight) of the month of Vaishakh, the occasion is celebrated for agriculture and related festivals in many parts of the country.

A day that is considered auspicious for both charity and investment, Akshaya Tritiya is among the most religiously significant days in the Hindu calendar.

Why should you buy a home this Akshaya Tritiya?

If you have been holding your home-shopping plans all this while, here is why you should make your move this Akshaya Tritiya:

Counting the monetary benefits

Rates are stable: Data available with PropTiger.com show property prices remained largely unchanged in major property markets of the country as developers struggled to sell unsold housing stock.

As the market stablises after getting over the shock caused by the launch of various tax and reformatory measures, rates might start to move upwards after the General Elections.

Interest rates at record low: By applying a cut twice in a row, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has brought down the repo rate, the rate at which it lends to scheduled banks, at six per cent. Following the RBI move, several banks, including the State Bank of India, have started reducing their marginal cost of funds-based lending rates. This would significantly lower the overall cost of property purchase.

There is still inventory: Data show inventory stock in nine key property markets declined 10 per cent in the fourth quarter of the financial year 2019. However, real estate developers in these cities are still sitting at an unsold housing stock of over eight lakh units. As they try to ease the burden, builders are offering great discounts on such ready-to-move-in units.

Developers have also come up with specific deals this Akshaya Tritiya this includes waivers on several charges apart from lucrative prizes.

Source: Proptiger.com

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