5 Things An NRI Should Keep In Mind While Making A Will

 There is a certain way in which one would like one’s wealth to be distributed. This makes it important for all of us who have the privilege to own assets of any kind to create a Will. However, for certain people, it is even more important to create a Will. Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) are one such kind. ConsideringContinue reading “5 Things An NRI Should Keep In Mind While Making A Will”

Cupboard Designs For Small Bedrooms To Maximise Storage And Style

 A little extra never harms! These cupboard designs for small bedrooms ensure extra storage space and lend your compact room an organised and spacious feel. Storage is the foremost thing to consider while designing your home from scratch or even renovating. Especially when you are designing your small bedroom, storage becomes a daunting task. However, it isContinue reading “Cupboard Designs For Small Bedrooms To Maximise Storage And Style”

Tips And Tricks For Buying Your Dream Home In Thane

Buying a home is one of the most essential financial decisions you’ll make, as well as one of the most exciting experiences you will have in your life. Buying your dream property in Thane isn’t difficult, however, there are a few things to keep in mind. In the following post, we’ll go over some of the thingsContinue reading “Tips And Tricks For Buying Your Dream Home In Thane”

NOCs You Need To Buy A Flat In A Housing Society

 It would be wrong to assume housing societies are preferred by buyers only in big cities where space is premium and buying an independent residence might not be an option. Even in Tier-II cities of India, group housing is gaining popularity for the benefits it offers homebuyers that are otherwise not available. For one, living in a housingContinue reading “NOCs You Need To Buy A Flat In A Housing Society”

Understanding Legal Importance Of 7/12 Extract Document

 There are a number of documents required to buy a property in India to ensure if the asset bought is legally free of any claims and litigations. One of such documents required for the purchase of the property in Maharashtra is 7/12 extract. This is an important piece of paper required when the buyer is investing in plots in theContinue reading “Understanding Legal Importance Of 7/12 Extract Document”

Everything Homebuyers Need To Know About RERA

 Although the Real Estate Law has been a hit among the buyer community, objections and clarifications are also doing the rounds. Much of this is also because the state-level regulators would come into play and in each state, byelaws might be slightly different. So, how would the Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016, serve homebuyers?Continue reading “Everything Homebuyers Need To Know About RERA”

Why Is Property Valuation Important

 Property surveys may not be legally required but in order to do a due dilligence, they are a must. Most surveyors will do a property valuation for income tax purposes, capital tax calculations, wealth tax, rent and depreciation, property transfer, bank guarantees, auction, stamp duty, acquisition by the authorities, will and testament, home loans, divisionContinue reading “Why Is Property Valuation Important”

Creative Ways to Make Your Home Feel Wide and Bright

 If you feel that the walls of your house are closing in on you, then it is about time you start thinking of redoing the house. It not always possible to break down walls and add an extension to your home. It is a costly and time-consuming affair. If you want to make your home feel brighterContinue reading “Creative Ways to Make Your Home Feel Wide and Bright”

Top 10 Interior Decoration Tips That Nobody Tells You

 The phrase “the devil is in the details” holds especially true when it comes to interior design. The key to creating balanced and appealing spaces lies in paying attention to the subtle nuances of decorating. Some of these tricks are so simple that they seem counter-intuitive. However, they can help create a huge a difference in the overall lookContinue reading “Top 10 Interior Decoration Tips That Nobody Tells You”

Top 3 Reasons Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Invest in Real Estate Property (2022)

 Monsoon is the time when you can check the quality of a property as compared to other days. What may seem ordinary and beautiful on other days might be starkly different in the rains. Monsoon is usually a lean season, as not many people prefer setting out in the rains to visit sites. If you are aContinue reading “Top 3 Reasons Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Invest in Real Estate Property (2022)”

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