Ideas For A Functional And Organized Kitchen In A Spacious House

 A kitchen is one of the hardworking spaces in the house. A kitchen is where you have family discussions, host friends and family and hang out with them. When you enhance the organization and the functionality of the kitchen, it looks spacious and serves the purpose well. Having a spacious kitchen is the need of the hour. If you are planning to invest in any property in South Mumbai, then you should definitely look for kitchen space in it. Luxury homes have a wider kitchen with a lot of cabinets and storage space. If the kitchen in your luxury flat is not functional to an optimum level, then our ideas can be of help for you.

Here is how you can make your kitchen functional and organized:

1. The layout of the kitchen

If remodeling is on the agenda for the current layout of your home, then you should reconsider the layout of your kitchen. The typical layouts for kitchens are U-shaped, L-shaped, parallel layout, single-walled or an island design. Open plan kitchen is the new attraction for homebuyers. Such plans help you integrate kitchen in the living space. However, here you need to keep in mind the flow and access to other rooms of the house.

2. Maximize the storage

You can make the most of the corner storage and unused areas in your kitchen. Homebuyers are now interested in having stylish and streamlined solutions for kitchen storage. Think about how you want your cutlery and glassware to be displayed in the kitchen. You can add internal organizers within the cupboards. If there is a restriction of space, then you can have tall shelves and trolleys.

3. Add a magic corner

By magic corner we mean, you can add a corner with pullout shelves. Pullout shelves help you organize your kitchen by using the wasted space. You can store large pots and pans, other bulky items.

4. Put everything in its place

You can use drawer organizers to store every appliance in your kitchen. When everything has a designated place, it gets more comfortable for you to put it back in its place. For example, you can make racks for your spices. Built-in spice racks can add a stylish compact addition to your storage space.

5. Organize garbage

The best way to address trash issues is by having a separate pullout drawer for the garbage. Composting and recycling is the right way to go. You can add multiple small bins and manage the trash in an environment-friendly manner.

6. Focus on lighting

When you cook in the kitchen, you need proper light. Allowing natural light in the kitchen is a good idea, but you can add extra lights through under cabinet lights. These lights help you find what you are looking for. So, when you wake up for those midnight snacks, these lights will help you find them. LED strips are an excellent way to light the insides of your cabinets and drawers.

Having an organized kitchen is the need of the hour. Homebuyers have specific demands for each room in the house and the kitchen tops the list.

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4 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home

 A home can feel claustrophobic for many reasons. Low sunlight during winter, extensively surrounded by trees and thoughtless construction are a few reasons that kill the vibrancy of a cozy dwelling. Dark corners rob a house of its life. So, living in a claustrophobic home is like a barking up the wrong tree, where you literally struggle to get the bright semblance. Most of the time dwellers tussle to maintain a positive flow of energy for better health and cheerful mood. It has been aptly said that an upbeat home keeps ambience and imagination get going. Let’s see how we can do that.

Large Mirrors and Faux Windows

A home with no windows or fewer ones gives a stifling feeling. So, it’s quite obvious that you as a dweller will suffer for airy and sunny approach. However, by installing large mirrors against walls in your guest or sitting room, you will mitigate that feeling. Install faux window decals beside the mirrors, choose soothing themes for window decals, such as entry to snow-clad mountains or a beach-side with turquoise tides, because nature in any form looks stunning. In case of a low ceiling, do not put an oversized mirror touching the ceiling as this can distract you.

Selection Of Colours

A house with abundant sunlight generally brightens the colours of the home. However, that’s not the case with a claustrophobic home. So, randomly choosing a colour scheme wouldn’t mitigate the dark influence. However, there are fewer colours that can even brighten a dungeon because these colours are highly reflective in nature. For this matter, try using high-gloss pale blue or white, whenever light falls on them from any source they reflect implicitly. If the same colours are applied onto the walls, make sure they have high-gloss properties.

Adequate Lighting

Break the suffocating semblance by bringing adequate lighting in the house. You can do this by strategically placing light items, for instance hide the lamps, in the book shelf or use a pendant light in your bathroom. Provide your kitchen cabinets with headlights. Powerful lighting in the house will eventually highlight the value of mirrors, window decals, high-gloss colour selection and a light-toned furniture.

Light-Coloured Flooring

If the walls of your home are painted in bold accents, then you must choose light flooring for your house. Whenever light falls on the light flooring, the reflection beams the overall ambience of the home. Avoid using moisture-soaking carpet or area rugs as light colours don’t absorb damp air. Not only this, light-coloured flooring highlights the placing of furniture, green plants, artifacts and your personal accessories in a valued manner.

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Vastu Tips For Prosperity In A Commercial Shop – Vastu For Shop

 Do you own a commercial shop? Follow these vastu tips to prosper in your business.

A shop is a place where people work and earn a living. Often, the success of the shop depends on the energy, correct directions, and luck of the space. Vastu Shastra, the ancient science of architecture teaches that there are a few rules that have the power to eradicate negativity and bad energy from an area, and bring luck, wealth, and prosperity.

If you have an office in your shop, follow these Vastu tips for commercial office. More often than not, if commercial shops are designed without considering Vastu, the chances of success become much lower. Follow these guidelines and tips, to gain maximum benefit from your commercial shop.

Vastu Tips For Commercial Shop Owners:

1. Appropriate Direction For Commercial Shop

For Successfully running your business, you require an appropriate direction for your shop. According to Vastu Shastra for the shop, the entrance should be in the east or northeast direction. It will help you attract more customers to your commercial shop.

Shop specific directions as per Vastu –

  • Stationery shops: Stationery shops should face the west direction. West signifies fulfillment and gains, leading to greater profits.
  • Furniture shops: Furniture shops should face the south, as this will give your brand fame. Fame and name will enable you to attract loyal customers.
  • Grocery shops: As per principles of Vastu, the northeastern direction is the best for grocery shops. As a second alternative, east or north can be considered.
  • Clothes shop: The ideal direction for clothes shops is the southeastern direction. If you want to sell high quality and luxurious brands, the shop entrance should be in the southern or southeastern direction.

2. Cash Counter of Your Shop

The cash counter is present in every shop, and it should be placed in such a way that it opens towards the north. The cash box should have some cash inside it at all times, as an empty cash box indicates misery. If you put idols of Lakshmi-Ganesh in the cash box or locker, make sure to worship it everyday. If the locker is placed in the south-west direction, then the room’s entrance should be in the northern direction.

3. Picture of Your Lords And Deities

Pooja room or location of your deities in your shop is very important for Vastu. According to vastu, the direction of the pictures or statues should be in the north-east, so that you get strength and spiritual satisfaction. The day should be started with a prayer and the lighting of a mild incense stick for good vibes.

4. Placing Raw Materials of Your Store

Raw material related to your business should be kept properly, and requires a lot of care. The heavy stuff and raw materials should be placed in the south-west direction of the store, as this can bring good luck.

5. A Place For Electronic Equipment

Electronic items in your shop should have an appropriate location to not hamper your business. According to Vastu for the shop, if you need to keep electronics bring prosperity by placing raw goods in the right place inside your shop’s premises, they should be placed in the south-eastern corner to enhance sales.

6. Entrance of Your Shop

According to Vastu, the entrance or the main door should be in the North, as it brings more positivity. The owner’s position of sitting should be either in the East or North Direction. The entrance should be given a lot of importance, as this is the first thing that attracts more business.

The entrance must be clean, clutter free, and wide, as it is considered to be a welcoming sight for customers. The entrance should be free from all obstructions like trees, statues, poles, and products. Avoid having any drain flowing in front of the entrance as it causes loss of wealth. Also, avoid stagnant water or door sills, as this allows easy flow of positive energy.

7. Shape of The Store

When it comes to making professional decisions, the shape of the shop plays an important role. According to Vastu, the commercial shop or showroom should be square or rectangular shaped. The shops should not be triangular or irregular shaped, as this can cause irregular income and gains.

Also, the front of the shop should be wider than the rear, as this will otherwise cause mental tensions or/and financial losses.

Avoid having a slope in the shop, as it is considered to be inauspicious.

8. Lightweight Objects Placement

The showcase of regular or daily use small items should be facing the North or the East direction, especially for grocery stores.

The items of regular and daily sales must be kept in the northwestern part of the store. This is said to boost sales.

Medical shops should keep Ayurvedic Medicines in the north and the east direction. The southern direction is best for Allopathic medicines and medical equipment.

9. Placement of Mirrors

As per Vastu, mirrors are an important part of interiors of a commercial shop. Most shops have large mirrors, to allow the customers to see how the products look on them. A mirror doubles the size of the area in which it is placed, as it reflects the zone. The location should be selected with a lot of care. If there are certain areas or corners that are already extended, placing a mirror in that area will further extend it, causing energy imbalance.

Also, due to their reflective properties, mirrors are symbolic of the water element. Thus, it is important for mirrors to be placed in relation to the water element- in the north, northeast, or west direction. Mirrors should never be placed in the fire zones, and the south and southeastern direction must be avoided.

10. Mild Music In Your Store

According to Vastu Shastra, mild music played in shops is a good way to keep negativity away. It will create positive vibes, and makes everyone happy.

11. Keep Your Store Well-Lit

It is necessary to have good lighting in the store, since dark corners and areas in commercial shops breed negativity.

12. Don’t Keep Your Shop Dirty

According to Vastu tips for the shop, you must keep your shop neat and clean. A dirty shop looks bad, but also attracts negative vibes, which lead to low sales and reduced earnings.

13. Tree or Pole In Front of Your Store

It is considered inauspicious to have a pole or a tree in front of your store. It can create disturbances in your business and sales. So avoid opening a shop in front of a tree.

14. Seating of The Shop Owner

The shop owner should sit inside the shop, and should face the east or the north direction. Sitting in the correct place attracts better business opportunities, and stimulates expansion. The owner should never sit facing the south or the west, as it can cause problems in the business. The cashier should sit in the southeast direction.

15. Water Fountain Placement

A unique way of attracting customers is to decorate it in new and innovative techniques. Vastu suggests that water fountains should be kept in the northeastern direction. This direction should be clutter-free, as it is considered to be bad for business.

16. Vastu Colours For Shop

According to Vastu for the shop, Vastu colours that are ideal are soothing and light colours. In a shop, you must keep the ceiling a lighter shade than the colour of the walls. As per Vastu, colours like brown, dark blue, or black are considered inauspicious. Instead, you can opt for colours like white, off-white, or silver white in the east, north, north-east, and southwest direction of the shop. Such soothing Vastu colours in the right Vastu direction for the shop can help maintain financial stability.

17. Vastu For Mandir In A Shop

The ideal Vastu direction for mandir in a shop is the northeast direction or east or north corner of the shop. To earn high profits you can even consider the west direction. You can also have the auspicious swastika in the shop written with shubh-laabh. Ensure that you do not keep the Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha idols to the right of the northeast direction. Every morning light a Diya and burn incense sticks in the shop to bring positive energy.

18. Vastu For Purchasing A Commercial Shop

When purchasing a new commercial space, the first thing to consider is the locality. Avoid a shopping complex or commercial building near a temple, graveyard, hospital, police or crematorium. Another important point to keep in mind is there should not be a large tree or any electrical transformer at the front side of the shop/store/building.

Other General Vastu Tips For Shop To Follow:

  • The owner should take care to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Any unused items or electrical items like bulbs, machines, and switches that are not working, should be repaired immediately.
  • The shop can be decorated with small plants as these are considered to be pleasing and adds positive energy into the shop.
  • Vastu principles state that the shops should not have thresholds. Also, there should not be a downward slope in front of the shop, as this brings inauspicious energy.
  • The shop should be of regular shape and size; irregular shops bring a lot of negativity and loss to the shop.
  • The shops should not have photos of wars, crying women, and violent animals, as this creates disturbance and havoc.
  • The shopkeeper should keep an aquarium with golden fishes and place this in the north or east direction.
  • If the shop’s shutter is rusted, it should be painted and oiled as soon as possible.

Summing Up:

Earning money and being prosperous is essential for a good and healthy life. Sometimes, there are obstacles in the business. Follow the above Vastu tips for shops to get rid of all problems and obstacles in the business. Most of these tips are extremely easy, and require only minimal changes, but the impact is massive. Vastu tips for shops help in selecting the best directions, designs, and space arrangements.

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Furnished Or Unfurnished Office Space: What Should You Rent?

In the backdrop of growing competition, one of the biggest dilemmas that modern-day entrepreneurs face is whether to opt for an unfurnished office space or a furnished commercial set-up. However, experts believe that the size of the business should be a critical deciding factor for leasing out an office space.

While unfurnished offices assure lower rentals, the cost of setting up the space might be financially draining. Similarly, though furnished offices are appealing and immediately available for use, their average leasing values may be too high to burn holes in a pocket. Since choosing between a furnished and unfurnished office space remains a potential hassle for entrepreneurs, experts assert that the size of the business should be the determining factor.

According to Sidhant Lamba, Founder, Fabrento, “In the commercial world, everything boils down to the business size and the investment ability of the entrepreneur. While both unfurnished and furnished spaces have their pros and cons, it is essential that the owner evaluates the expenses and compares them against the budget to arrive at a feasible solution. For instance, it would be cost-effective for a start-up to lease a small office and rent minimalist furniture or opt for coworking space. On the contrary, a bigger firm may either opt for a fully-furnished space or can lease an unfurnished space and get it customised as per the needs, requirements and goals of the business.”

Here are a few Pros and Cons of Furnished and Unfurnished for better understanding:

Advantages Of Furnished Offices

Fully set- up

A fully equipped office space allows you to immediately take possession and begin work without impacting the business operations. Besides, it lends a more professional and dynamic setting, which renders a significant boost to your company’s productivity and image.

Saves time

It is important to consider every little aspect while shifting the business to a new place. Right from the location to the cost involved in the acquisition of furniture, everything should be well-calculated. Even the simplest of tasks such as choosing the right style of furnishings, ordering them and receiving the delivery can take several weeks or even months. However, renting a furnished office space eliminates the waiting around and time wastage. This is more effective for bigger firms where the workforce is vast, and even a day’s delay in operations can significantly impact their turnover.

Disadvantages Of Furnished Spaces

High leasing values

One of the biggest downsides of furnished spaces is high leasing values. The average rentals of furnished office spaces are 40-50 percent higher than the unfurnished spaces. Since these offices are equipped to cater to the needs of different tenants and incorporate all the amenities, their leasing values are generally higher. “The average leasing prices can go as high as 60 percent more depending upon the location of the office. Centrally located office spaces are pegged higher than the commercial developments in the outskirts owing to the higher land rates in the city-centres.” shared Zakir Hussain, Property Agent, Topend Realty.

Increased liability

In the case of any accidental damage or any other loss to the property or the interiors, the tenant would be held directly responsible, and the landlord has the complete right to recover the cost from the security deposit provided at the commencement of the deal.

Advantages Of Unfurnished Offices

More flexibility

Unfurnished spaces offer the convenience of customisation. The tenant can design the interiors in accordance with the business goals and render a more personalised touch to the area. It also allows the tenant to add and remove the furniture and other amenities as per the business needs. Moreover, there is a wide range of furniture and other office decor items available on rent; thus, you need not worry about investing a fortune in buying furniture.

Lower rentals

As stated above, the average cost of unfurnished spaces is approximately half of furnished spaces, which makes it a convenient option for businesses yet to attain the break-even point. Coworking arrangements can also be a viable option for start-ups. However, the average leasing cost of an unfurnished space is 10-15 percent lower than the coworking spaces. Furthermore, coworking spaces pose restrictions on the usage of amenities such as conference halls, tea-zone and others. Shorter lock-in periods, typically three months, is another hassle with coworking spaces which make them inappropriate for firms which intend to operate at a specific location for a longer duration.

Reduced liability

Apart from the maintenance cost, unfurnished office spaces do not impose any other obligation on the lessee. Unlike the furnished spaces, here either the furniture is hired or purchased; therefore, no additional cost is deducted in case of furniture damage. Also, in the case of purchased furniture, it is an asset, and you can get it transported to the new place of work when vacating the office.

Disadvantages of unfurnished offices

Unfurnished offices are leased out as bare shells. Right from the electric wiring to set up the workstations, the entire work has to be managed by you, which not only involves time but might impact your business as well. In such a situation, it is advisable to lease out a new office and get all the upgrades done before leaving the previous place of work. Though, it can be slightly costlier at the start since you have to pay rent for both the offices, the cost will be one-time and can be recovered in due course.

While the advantages of unfurnished offices outdo furnished spaces, the decision of renting the office space should ideally rest on the business needs and prospects. Evaluate the expenses and anticipated returns, and lease a space that can be sustained for the long term. Renting a high-end space for a few months to lure customers and then moving to a smaller office can have a negative influence on your business.

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How To Save Money When Buying A Home After Retirement

You may have been handling other issues when your young friends were investing in property; your responsibilities were different. However, now that you must have a house as you have retired from your job, you are finding it hard to manage the funds. Property prices are, after all, sky high.

However, by saving money on several accounts, you may be able to find a dream home within your budget. Here we have lists some ways in which you could manage your finances, when planning for your retirement dream home:

The Size

Typically, your retirement home would house only two people, you and your partner. This is why it is suggested you opt for a smaller configuration. This would help you keep the budget low. A smaller property means you will have to pay less. Apart from that, maintaining a small home would cost you less, when compared to a bigger home.

The Location

The location of a property decides how much you will pay for the purchase. For a senior citizen, it is advisable to opt for a locality lying away from the hustle-bustle of the city life. This would help you in two ways. While such a property would come cheaper than a property in the city centre, it would also provide you a healthy environment to live. Make sure that the project in which you are buying the property offers facilities that would make it ideal for a senior citizen.

Count The Extra Out

Though buying a home in the outskirts could be a luring prospect, living outside the city could cost you more if you have to often travel to the city. There could be many other factors that may add up to the overall house purchase bill. Before you start looking for a home, do a detailed study of your requirements and try to save as much as you can.

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9 Myths About Home Loans In India

Home loans are long-term financial commitments. You should have complete clarity about the product before you enter the world of housing finance.

With the help of housing finance, you can own a property quite early in your life. However, there are several myths associated with home loans in India. Anyone planning to take a home loan to buy a property, should have clarity on various aspects before visiting a bank with ill-founded expectations and facing rejection of the home loan application.

Myth 1: Bank will provide 100% loan

Under the rules prescribed for the banking sector, no bank in India can provide 100% of the property value as home loan. In the best case, a bank can lend you up to 90% of the property amount. However, you have to follow various terms and conditions for that to happen.

Myth 2: The bank offering the lowest interest rate is the best

As money plays an important factor while buying a house, an inexperienced borrower may opt for a bank offering the lowest interest rate on home loans at any given time. Unfortunately, home loans interest rates keep changing, along with a bunch of other associated charges. Rather than getting swayed by the current interest rate, researching past records would help you find how swift the bank was, in passing rate cut benefits.

Myth 3: I will definitely get a home loan if I earn well

This is true only if you also have some upfront money saved to show. Moreover, banks now give a great deal of weightage to your credit score while processing home loan requests. Your loan application would be rejected, irrespective of your impressive salary package, if your credit score is poor.

Myth 4: Co-borrowing is always good

Banks invariably urge home loan applicants to co-apply with their spouses. The obvious explanation they provide is that it increases your borrowing capacity. What they do not tell you is that they are basically looking for a person who will be able to repay the loan, in case something unfortunate happens to the main applicant. Co-borrowing could be good but you should choose it only after knowing every aspect of this arrangement.

Myth 5: I should borrow as much as I can

Just because home finance is readily available, it does not mean one should borrow as much as one can. Each rupee you borrow has to be paid back, along with interest on it, over a long period. Ideally, one should keep the home loan amount as less as possible.

Myth 6: The bank will inform me about rate cuts/hikes

Unfortunately, this is never the case. You will have to keep a track about how the RBI is changing its repo rate and how your bank is responding to the rate hike/cut.

Myth 7: I will get the benefit of rate cut by the RBI immediately

Even though all new floating rate home loans in India are linked with the RBI’s repo rate, banks are not as swift in implementing the rate cuts as they should be. However, any hike in the repo rate would make a quick impact on your home loan EMIs.

Myth 8: You cannot negotiate on rates

Like all products open for sale, there is always a scope for negotiations and the same applies to home loans too. Depending on your communication skills and how persuasive you are, you can get the bank to offer you a good home loan product.

Myth 9: All lenders are more or less the same

Although they are all in the business of lending, all banks are not the same as housing finance companies (HFCs) or non-banking finance companies (NBFCs). Banks in India are directly governed by the RBI. HFCs and NBFCs have come under the purview of the apex bank only some time back. Banks, HFCs and NBFCs operate differently, because of the basic difference among their structures. So, make sure you know the difference before you choose your lender.

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7 Advantages Of Open Spaces In Homes & Around

 In this Blog we would be talking about Open Spaces in Homes & around it is a rare site in metropolitan cities, especially Mumbai.

Open space outside homes and open space in homes are both of exceptional importance.

The importance of open spaces in homes is often stressed upon because it has a direct correlation to the mental & physical well being of the people who live there.

This article dives into the 7 advantages of open spaces in home and here’s why you must watch out for open spaces

1. Recreational space in & around home

Kids don’t care much about furniture and styling. Home should be a space that thrives conversations, comfort, and peace. Cluttered homes breed chaos and a lack of communication. Similarly having space around your house for leisure walks after dinner and space for kids is to play is non-negotiable.

2. Breed Fitness

A house that has a chair or sofa every 2 sq-ft. only encourages lazy slumbering. Have minimalistic furniture and open concept flats. What is an open concept flat you ask? Open concept spaces are when rooms are redefined into one large space, removing partitioning walls. Open concept small houses make the house look large. It allows space for more activity, more walking around, it encourages space for more fitness.

3. Engage in activities

The advantages of Open Spaces in flats is that you can have more activities you can fit into the flat. You can practice yoga, skipping and many more physical activities. Open spaces around homes promote people’s engagement in gardening, running and walks around the house. Advantages of Open Spaces in Homes is that people with pets benefit the most. Animals love running around the house and playing, this is perfect for our furry friends.

4. Better conversations

Home is a place built for safety and thriving relationships with your loved ones. The benefits of an open floor plan is that it promotes healthier conversations. The kids, the husband, and the wife should all be able to communicate easily after a long day at work. Walls just create distances. Kids can narrate school stories as the mom works on office assignments and dad making Rotis. People in open concept homes have happier, healthier homes.

5. Great scope for designing

The sheer liberty of space gives makes way for classier home decor. You can now bring in big mirrors or rugs that would never be possible in a small house. The benefits of an open floor plan is how you can play with colors, designs, and interiors on each wall. You can create & sectionalize your home spaces without creating walls. That’s a huge advantage of open spaces home.

6. Environmentally benefits society

We live in concrete jungles with soaring temperatures and rising pollution. When there are open spaces around homes, it provides scope for having pockets for greenery. It makes air space more breathable. These tiny pockets of air make the surrounding cooler and more fresh. With the Delhi pollution incident, would you want to expose your kids to that quality of air? Make life better by planting more trees in open spaces.

7. Promotes social interaction

Don’t we all want to live in spaces that promote healthier social interactions? With your open concept floor plans for small homes, you can have great social gatherings around homes. You can promote conversations, you can have a gala time and be a great host all thanks to your open concept living room.

These advantages of open spaces in homes and around homes beat the luxury of a 5 BHK too!

That’s why, you need to be aware of the importance of open spaces in homes and reap maximum benefits out of it!

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Are Sale Deed And Title Deed The Same Thing?

While the two terms are often used interchangeably in the world of real estate, sale deed and title deed are not the same things. In this article, we would talk about how is one different from the other.

In Form: Title is a concept, deed is a document.

There are no specific documents known as title deed, as it the case with sale deeds. Title is simply a concept. A sale deed, which always has a documentary form, is a legal statement that confers this title on the owner. After you purchase a property and the registration is carried out, the buyer would receive a sale deed in a documentary form, which would confer upon him the tile of the said property.

Legal difference: Sale deed is an agreement; title deed is a statement.

In legal parlance, a sale deed is an agreement to sell a property to a buyer. As it typical of all agreements, at least two parties are involved in the transaction ─ at least one buyer and one seller. This is why the details of both the parties are mentioned in this document. Both the buyer and the seller have to sign on each page of the sale deed at the time of property registration for the same reason.

A title deed on the other hand is not an agreement, but a statement. It only talks about the rightful ownership of a person over a particular property. Apart from the ownership, title deed also speaks of rights, obligations and mortgage obligations of the owner. Do note here that sale deed becomes a title deed as soon as it is registered. A registered sale deed is a proof that a particular person now holds the ownership over a particular property.

In details: Sale deed traces titles

To register a property, the seller has to produce all past records related to a property, based on which a sale deed is created. This is to say, there should be a chain of documentary proof tracking the original ownership if a property and the change in the ownership thereof. Ultimately, a sale deed becomes a link in the chain, taking the form of a title document.

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Vastu Tips That Promote Good Health

 The adage ‘health is wealth’ holds true in our day-to-day lives. After a tiring day at work, we want to be at home to recuperate mental peace and comfort. According to renowned American director & producer Robert Evans, “buildings designed with careful attention to aesthetics arouse and enlighten their occupants, and that promotes their good health”.

To ensure buildings are designed carefully, ‘Vastu Shastra’ has laid down some important guidelines that help prevent illness, mental agony, negative energy, and promote good health and peace of mind.

Let’s discuss some Vastu tips that will help keep your physical and mental health in a good condition:

General Vastu Tips:

  • Light a candle or lamp daily in the northeast direction. It promotes good health.
  • Constant dripping of taps produces negative energy and signifies deterioration in health. Ensure that the taps in your house do not drip.
  • Using the space below stairs as a toilet, store, or kitchen can cause nervous sickness and heart diseases.
  • Face north or east while studying or working. This promotes good memory.
  • Planting Basil or/and Tulsi purifies the air in the house. Avoid plants like rubber plant, cactus, Bonsai and other milky plants. These might add to your illness and stress.
  • Do not construct stairs or toilets in the northeastern corner of your house; it causes health-related issues and hampers the growth of children.

Bedroom Vastu Tips:

  • A master bedroom in the southwest direction ensures physical and mental stability. Never construct a bedroom in the northeast direction; it causes health problems.
  • Always lie with your head in the south direction while sleeping. It promotes a peaceful and a healthy lifestyle. Sleeping with the head in the north direction is not advisable as it causes stress and aches.
  • A pregnant woman should avoid sleeping in the northeastern direction to prevent chances of abortion or miscarriage.
  • A bed with storage space leads to brain and heart-related ailments. Also, avoid sleeping on wrought iron beds; opt for simple wooden beds.
  • Avoid sleeping under light beams as it leads to depression, headache and memory loss.
  • Do not place your bed in front of the mirror, it causes nightmares.
  • Never align your bed with the toilet wall, as that brings negative energy.
  • Keep mobile phones and other gadgets away from bed to have a sound sleep.

Health & Kitchen Vastu Tips:

  • The southeast direction is considered ideal to have a kitchen.
  • East is considered the best direction for cooking and eating, as it promotes effective digestion and good health.
  • Designing the kitchen in the Northeast direction calls for serious health problems and accidents.
  • Avoid constructing the toilet and the kitchen together. Place the two at a distance from each other.

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Here’s How You Can Redecorate Your Home Under 10k – Home Decor Ideas

 A home is a perfect place for people to show off their refined taste and unique style. While the thought of designing and renovating your house with the latest home decor ideas can be overwhelming, it doesn’t necessarily mean it would burn a hole in your pocket. Adding some inexpensive home decor items and making minor adjustments can transform the entire look of your home. Yes, several home decorating ideas on a budget can give your interiors a much-needed makeover.

Now, while you are on a spree to redecorate your home on a budget, we are at your disposal to help you with home decor ideas on a budget. We have curated a list of trending home decor ideas to redecorate your home on a budget.

Home Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Let’s take a look at some of the savvy home decor ideas for your home that we have put together to help you redecorate your home on a budget. These low-budget home decor ideas will lighten your wallet and brighten your house. Check it out!

1. Home Decor Ideas – Ditch The Wall Paint For The Wallpaper

Gone are the days of dull wall paint colors; the new age house demands something trendy and modern, for instance, wallpaper. This is one of the easiest and most chic home decor ideas which can instantly change the mood of your home and transform your home into a dream home.

As much as it sounds like an expensive affair, wallpaper costs relatively cheaper than wall paint color; it is a smart home decor idea on a budget. There is an endless variety of wallpapers of different quality, so pick the one that suits your budget. This home decorating idea on a budget has tons of options to choose from. Opt for a dramatic or bold pattern wallpaper for the living room to highlight a particular wall, such as the wall behind the sofa.

If you want to make your house look spacious, then go for cool colour backgrounds such as blue, violet, or green, this will make the ceiling look higher, and the room appear bigger. This is also a clever home decor idea on a low budget to help you hide any wall imperfections or flaws.

2. Home Decor Ideas On a Budget – Elevate Your Ceiling

Don’t forget about your ceiling when you redecorate your home on a budget. Improving your ceiling is one of the best home decorating ideas on a budget. There are tons of home interior upgrade designs to experiment with if you’re looking for home decor ideas on a low budget. You can add a faux wooden beam with a beadboard or create a farmhouse-style look using a shiplap board in the dining room or the kitchen area. In case you don’t have a creative head and still want to try home decorating ideas on a budget, in that case, you can simply paint the ceiling of the room with an accent color in order to create contrast and some depth in the room.

3. Home Decor Ideas – Spruce Up The Staircase

In most homes, a staircase is the very first thing you see when you enter the house. So why not try a home decor idea to revamp your stairway? Create a bold statement by painting the staircase all black and white, or you can also paint it with a striped runner. To redecorate your home on a budget, you can also use peel-and-stick flooring and break the monotony look of white steps. This is one of the home decor ideas that are light on the pocket and can brighten the staircase.

4. Home Decor Ideas – Display The Wall Art

If you’re skeptical of trying any home decor ideas on the floor or the floor area is less, then start playing with walls. You can invest in some quirky wall art, antique wall clock design, photo frames in different shapes, and some vinyl stickers to transform a boring bedroom into a lively one. This home decorating idea on a budget is all you need to spruce up your home decor ideas game.

Hanging beautiful wall art in your bedroom can elevate its beauty quotient. For your bedroom home decor idea, you must opt for something that is subtle and can help calm your senses.

Another home decor idea to try for wall art is to create a collage of a few matching frames that have your precious memories, and this can change the overall look of the wall.

5. Home Decor Ideas – Accentuate The Look With A Rug

Love the warm and cosy vibe in the house? Then why not try some affordable home decor ideas to create the same vibe in your home? Carpets and rugs are the two best home decor items and the most vital feature to bring an artistic and aesthetic touch even to an empty space. Rugs can make the room appear bigger and cleaner while giving it welcoming vibes.

Try out a geometric-patterned jute rug to get rid of the ‘meh’ factor from the house. If you’re budget-conscious, this home decor idea is brilliant as you can grab gorgeous spreads and rugs from a local market at a very affordable price.

6. Home Decor Ideas – Curtains To Change The Game

Just by changing the curtains around the house you can change the entire look of your home. This home decor idea is not only economical but also looks very appealing. If your house has a soothing white theme, then for decorating a home idea on a budget, you can use curtains with a splash of colour to go with the soft furnishings. Just mix and match some sheer curtains behind the bed, and you’ll have an impressively small budget big makeover ready with this creative home decor idea. You can simply change the aesthetic of the room with this low-budget home decor idea.

7. Home Decor Ideas – Enhance Interiors With Indoor Plants

Who doesn’t like greens? And when you can have a small-sized garden inside your house, then why not? It is impossible to go wrong with the home decor idea of having indoor plants or planting trees on the premises. This idea will not only make the home interiors look fresh but are also one of the home decor ideas on a budget.

You can place some air-purifying indoor plants and place them in the living room or the bedroom. Indoor plants such as Snake Plant, English Ivy, Peace Lily, Golden Pothos, and Ficus are considered good air-purifying plants for homes. While you can always buy planters as per your home decor theme, you can also try your hands on some DIY designs and paint the old pots. It is another creative home decor idea on a budget.

8. Home Decor Ideas – A Table Runner for Low Budget Home Decor Idea

Here’s a home decor idea to redecorate your home on a low budget, especially for Indian homes. It’s a brilliant trick to use your old zardozi dupatta that has been lying at the back of your closet for ages and use it as a runner. All you need to do in this home decor idea is to cut and sew the dupatta to size. This will save you bucks and offer an ethnic touch to the space, making it an ideal home decorating idea on a budget.

In case you want to keep the contemporary and modern look in your room, you can opt for a plain runner in a brighter colour.

9. Home Decor Idea – Give Old Furniture A Makeover

Transforming an old-fashioned sofa into a designer slipcover is one of the trendy and cheap home decor ideas on a budget. Instead of spending thousands on a new sofa set, you can use inexpensive slipcovers that are also super easy to wash. Tons of slipcover designs are available in the market, and you can decide on the look as per the theme of your house. This quick and easy home decor idea on a budget will help give your home a visual appeal in no time.

10. Home Decor Ideas – Home Decoration Items From Flea Market

Adding a painting or any artwork adds character to the space and makes it look appealing. Don’t worry; we know we are talking about home decor ideas on a budget here, so we are not asking you to add an MF Hussain artwork.

You can simply go for an affordable piece of art or some canvases in abstract prints to brighten up your home. Some geometric shape designs on canvas are an excellent option to add an edge to the area, and it is a good option when you are looking for home decor ideas on a budget.

Summing Up

We hope this curated list of home decor ideas on a budget has inspired you and given you many home decorating ideas on a budget. Just remember that to make your house look aesthetically pleasing, you don’t have to make a hole in your pocket but look for creative home decor ideas.

Do keep in mind the availability of space, the home decor pieces you pick, and the maintenance; all the elements should go with the interiors of the house before you pick up any item for home decorating ideas on a budget.

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