MHADA to undertake digital mapping, survey of its land parcels across Maharashtra

The Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority (MHADA) has decided to undertake mapping and survey of all the land parcels under its control in housing boards of Mumbai and all other cities controlled by its divisional boards across the state through advanced computer technology.

The housing board has already started the work and is currently in advanced stages of developing the Geographical Information System (GIS) driven mapping and Robotic Process Automation (RAP) systems for the same.

With this digitisation and mapping of its land parcels across the state, MHADA will be able to get information about the development potential on the said land parcel and layout, any illegal encroachment on the plot and any ot .

MHADA plans to identify existing development rules and schemes applicable to the Mumbai board and other boards as well with this information. The authority will review how these development and redevelopment schemes, rules and acts can be revised or amended that can help it in effective planning and execution of any new development scheme on these land parcels

The authority has roped in RAH Infotech CE Info Systems and Replete Business Solutions to study and provide a consolidated report on land available with MHADA across the boards in the next six months. To keep a close tab on the GIS mapping and RPA system work, the authority has set up a high-level committee of the Mumbai board of MHADA and other board’s working officers.

In addition to this, MHADA Mumbai headquarters has informed all its divisional boards including Pune, Konkan and Nashik, and housing societies that are governed by them among others to cooperate with these agencies for the collection of data as mandated.

Last year, the government of Maharashtra’s town planning authority the City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) started geo-tagging land parcels in Navi Mumbai under its various plot sale schemes.

The move, apart from helping applicants, will also be an additional step towards efficient digitisation of land records. With this Navi Mumbai has become one of the first big cities in the country to initiate the process of the digitisation of land records by the government administration.

Digitisation of land records and such efforts towards the same assume significance in the backdrop of unclear ownership and title. Most land parcels in India are subject to legal disputes and the issue might take Indian courts a century to resolve at their current rate of progress. Lack of clarity on ownership and title makes it immensely difficult to buy land for retail and housing developments.

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