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Why Is Property Valuation Important

 Property surveys may not be legally required but in order to do a due dilligence, they are a must. Most surveyors will do a property valuation for income tax purposes, capital tax calculations, wealth tax, rent and depreciation, property transfer, bank guarantees, auction, stamp duty, acquisition by the authorities, will and testament, home loans, divisionContinue reading “Why Is Property Valuation Important”


Creative Ways to Make Your Home Feel Wide and Bright

 If you feel that the walls of your house are closing in on you, then it is about time you start thinking of redoing the house. It not always possible to break down walls and add an extension to your home. It is a costly and time-consuming affair. If you want to make your home feel brighterContinue reading “Creative Ways to Make Your Home Feel Wide and Bright”

Top 10 Interior Decoration Tips That Nobody Tells You

 The phrase “the devil is in the details” holds especially true when it comes to interior design. The key to creating balanced and appealing spaces lies in paying attention to the subtle nuances of decorating. Some of these tricks are so simple that they seem counter-intuitive. However, they can help create a huge a difference in the overall lookContinue reading “Top 10 Interior Decoration Tips That Nobody Tells You”

Top 3 Reasons Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Invest in Real Estate Property (2022)

 Monsoon is the time when you can check the quality of a property as compared to other days. What may seem ordinary and beautiful on other days might be starkly different in the rains. Monsoon is usually a lean season, as not many people prefer setting out in the rains to visit sites. If you are aContinue reading “Top 3 Reasons Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Invest in Real Estate Property (2022)”

Ideas For A Functional And Organized Kitchen In A Spacious House

 A kitchen is one of the hardworking spaces in the house. A kitchen is where you have family discussions, host friends and family and hang out with them. When you enhance the organization and the functionality of the kitchen, it looks spacious and serves the purpose well. Having a spacious kitchen is the need of theContinue reading “Ideas For A Functional And Organized Kitchen In A Spacious House”

4 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home

 A home can feel claustrophobic for many reasons. Low sunlight during winter, extensively surrounded by trees and thoughtless construction are a few reasons that kill the vibrancy of a cozy dwelling. Dark corners rob a house of its life. So, living in a claustrophobic home is like a barking up the wrong tree, where you literally struggle toContinue reading “4 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home”

Vastu Tips For Prosperity In A Commercial Shop – Vastu For Shop

 Do you own a commercial shop? Follow these vastu tips to prosper in your business. A shop is a place where people work and earn a living. Often, the success of the shop depends on the energy, correct directions, and luck of the space. Vastu Shastra, the ancient science of architecture teaches that there are a few rules that haveContinue reading “Vastu Tips For Prosperity In A Commercial Shop – Vastu For Shop”

Furnished Or Unfurnished Office Space: What Should You Rent?

In the backdrop of growing competition, one of the biggest dilemmas that modern-day entrepreneurs face is whether to opt for an unfurnished office space or a furnished commercial set-up. However, experts believe that the size of the business should be a critical deciding factor for leasing out an office space. While unfurnished offices assure lower rentals, the cost ofContinue reading “Furnished Or Unfurnished Office Space: What Should You Rent?”

How To Save Money When Buying A Home After Retirement

You may have been handling other issues when your young friends were investing in property; your responsibilities were different. However, now that you must have a house as you have retired from your job, you are finding it hard to manage the funds. Property prices are, after all, sky high. However, by saving money on several accounts, you mayContinue reading “How To Save Money When Buying A Home After Retirement”

9 Myths About Home Loans In India

Home loans are long-term financial commitments. You should have complete clarity about the product before you enter the world of housing finance. With the help of housing finance, you can own a property quite early in your life. However, there are several myths associated with home loans in India. Anyone planning to take a home loan to buyContinue reading “9 Myths About Home Loans In India”