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How to Pay Home Loan EMIs in Case of Job Loss Due to the Coronavirus?

 April 2020 According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), 25 million people worldwide would suffer job loss due to the Coronavirus spread. Mentioned below are steps a home buyer can take, if his income sources have been adversely impacted because of this crisis. As the Coronavirus crisis assumes massive proportions, those servicing long tenure loans likeContinue reading “How to Pay Home Loan EMIs in Case of Job Loss Due to the Coronavirus?”


Why Festive Season is the Ideal Time to Buy a Home

 March 2020 Experts believe that the real estate sector has a lot of unsold inventory in the luxury space but not in the affordable housing space where there is a major supply shortfall. Hence, the customer has to first segregate both these markets and adopt a suitable approach for each of them that effectively enableContinue reading “Why Festive Season is the Ideal Time to Buy a Home”

Realty Watch – The Five Pillars Of Affordability

 March 2020 The areas beyond Thane are no longer perceived as distant suburbs but as sought-after destinations for residential living. Talks on affordable housing in Mumbai is fraught with danger. Ei ther the claims of af fordability come with the rider of `as per Mumbai standards’ or it is so far a place that toContinue reading “Realty Watch – The Five Pillars Of Affordability”

Home improvement: 7 ideas for a festive revamp

Source : A moody monsoon gives way to the festive season and you want to open your house to friends and relatives. Start with some new trends to ensure sunshine and chase away the clouds. Paint your walls in sunshine yellow, buttercup yellow, sunny sky blue, tangerine. Walls or wonder Create a garden like havenContinue reading “Home improvement: 7 ideas for a festive revamp”

Easy Vastu and Feng shui Tips for Your Home

 March 2020 Source : Earlier, principles of Vastu Shastra were for the conservative, and Feng Shui was for the more modern mindset; but now you have astrologers and pundits offering you a combination of both. You can see houses that have their beds and sofas placed according to Vastu, and décor adhering to Feng Shui;Continue reading “Easy Vastu and Feng shui Tips for Your Home”

Seven steps to get the best price for your used property

As you get down to selling your house, you realise that it is easier said than done. A dull real estate market over the last few years isn’t helping matters either. As unsold inventories of developers rise, getting a good deal for an old property appears to be an uphill task. Even so, you need to beContinue reading “Seven steps to get the best price for your used property”

How to choose the right colours for your home, based on Vastu

 March 2020 Source : It is a proven fact that colours have a significant psychological effect on people. A home is a place where a person spends a major part of one’s life. As specific colours stimulate distinctive emotions in the people, it is important to have an appropriate balance of colours in one’s home, toContinue reading “How to choose the right colours for your home, based on Vastu”

How To Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

 March 2020 Source : Home owners who wish to keep pets at home, need to ensure that their house caters to its needs and provides a safe environment for all. We explain the dos and don’ts Besides providing companionship, there are also therapeutic benefits of owning a pet. Nevertheless, owning a pet is also aContinue reading “How To Make Your Home Pet-Friendly”

How Smart Homes can improve your lifestyle

March 2020 The future that Isaac Asimov envisioned in his sci-fi stories is slowly but steadily becoming a reality. First phones turned ‘smart’, and now it’s time for homes to follow the lead. In the US, the concept of smart or automated home systems has been gaining ground since the 1980s. A report by New York-basedContinue reading “How Smart Homes can improve your lifestyle”

Guide to Payment Plans – Which one Should You Go for?

March 2020 Source : Unlike yesteryear when down payment was the only option to buy a property, developers these days are offering a number of payment plans to the buyer. The most popular payment plans apart from the traditional down payment plan include construction linked plan, flexi payment plan and time linked plan. All theseContinue reading “Guide to Payment Plans – Which one Should You Go for?”