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Cupboard Designs For Small Bedrooms To Maximise Storage And Style

 A little extra never harms! These cupboard designs for small bedrooms ensure extra storage space and lend your compact room an organised and spacious feel.

Storage is the foremost thing to consider while designing your home from scratch or even renovating. Especially when you are designing your small bedroom, storage becomes a daunting task. However, it is not impossible. With innovative thinking and professional assistance, you can achieve a cupboard design that fits your bedroom layout excellently and provides enough space to store all your stuff. Today, we are discussing some brilliant ideas for a cupboard design for small bedrooms that will help you overcome the storage trouble and lend your boudoir an organised and stylish feel.

Cupboard Designs for Small Bedrooms

Balancing style with functionality is the key while designing a small bedroom space. Below are some practical cupboard designs for small bedrooms you would fall in love with:

1: The Grey and Gold Glam with Ample Storage

Your compact bedroom space can look ultra-modern and have ample storage space with a floor-to-ceiling cupboard. Install wooden cupboard design and paint it all grey along with golden handles to lend it a subtle yet glamorous twist. Paint the accent wall of your bedroom in the same colour and keep all things neutral for an elegant look.

2: Beige Wardrobe with a Mirror Panel and Glossy Finish

Design a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe on the side wall of your bedroom that ensures ample storage space for your clothes, footwear, accessories and travel bags. Layer it with a beige high gloss laminate sheet to add a contemporary feel to the decor. Install a mirror panel in the middle to make your room look open and spacious.

3: The White Plush of Cupboard Design with Dressing Table

Make the best use of every inch of your small bedroom space with a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe in front of the bed. The white paint over the wooden cupboard and the black handles perfectly complement the white bedding. Complete this wardrobe design with a pastel pink dressing area on the right and layer the mirror with recessed lights to create a dreamy setting in the room.

4: Multi-Functional Wardrobe with Mirror Doors

Multi-functional furniture pieces make a small home look organised and stylish. Design your compact bedroom space with a cupboard featuring a mirror sliding door. Install a walk-in closet section on the right of this cupboard where you can hang and display your treasured clothing collection. The full-length mirror on the wardrobe door acts as a dressing mirror and makes your room look bigger and brighter.

5: Behind-the-Bed Fitted Cupboard Design

The stylish behind-the-bed cupboard design is not limited to large bedroom spaces. Your small bedroom can also look spacious and beautiful with customised furniture. Install a fitted cupboard design all along the wall behind your bed with several sections serving your storage purpose. Paint the wardrobe in the same finish as the bed and its headboard for a uniform look.

6: Install Fitted Wardrobe into the Wall with Sliding Doors

Wardrobes with sliding doors are trending in modern homes. If you have a compact bedroom space, the wardrobe with sliding doors will make an ideal choice for you. Install a fitted wooden wardrobe into the wall and fix it with sliding doors with a full-length mirror. Sliding doors will leave ample space for you to move and save your bedroom from looking congested and cluttered.

7: Wardrobe Across the Bathroom Door

Utilise every inch of your small bedroom innovatively, and you can turn it into a luxury space. A cupboard design fitted across the bathroom door is a unique storage solution for compact bedrooms. This floor-to-ceiling cupboard design with a vanity unit offers ample space to store all your stuff. Paint it in a combination of light and dark wood finish to achieve a contemporary look.

8: Wardrobe with a Work Desk Serves Two Purposes

A work desk attached to your wardrobe is a practical and modish addition to your bedroom. Upgrade the functionality of your compact space with the inclusion of a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe that has a work desk attached to it. Install various sections as per your requirement and paint the cupboard in a combination of white and brown for a rich, contemporary look.

Cupboard Design For Bedrooms: Stylish Finishes

Veneer Finish Cupboard Design

In addition to being one of the most affordable solutions for finishing your closet, a veneer is the most prefered material because it can imitate the cosy feel of genuine wood. You may use it to match the decor of your space because it is created from thin sheets of natural wood and has a range of designs. For example, a light-coloured veneer will look great in a Scandinavian-style home. A deeper colour may work better in a traditional home. Additionally, this material requires routine polishing for maintenance.

Laminate Finish Cupboard Design

Due to its wide variety of colours and textures, laminate is quite popular. They are available in matte and glossy finishes. While laminates offer benefits such being scratch-resistant and simple to clean, their brittleness prevents them from being durable. The entire sheet has to be replaced once a section chips off.

PVC Foil Finish Cupboard Design

To create a beautiful coating on the surface, PVC foils are pressed into an MDF board. They have the benefit of being available in several coatings, such as semi-gloss and scratch-resistant.

Lacquer or Polyurethane paint Finish

Another alternative is to paint your cabinets’ surfaces with lacquered or polyurethane paint. These paints have a nice shine and come in various colours. They require minimum upkeep.

Mirror Finish Cupboard Design

Mirrors reflect light and provide the impression that the room is more significant than it is. They are particularly well suited for covering the surfaces of cabinets and wardrobes in small spaces.

Glass Finish Cupboard Design

Installing glass on the surface of the wardrobe is a stylish design choice that gives the space a feeling of lightness. Among other variations, glass can be found in transparent, opaque, printed, frosted, and stained forms. You may select the kind that best matches the decor based on the design style of the area. Make sure everything inside your cupboards is organised if you utilise transparent glass. The mess will be visible otherwise.

Opaque or Coloured Glass Finish

For a contemporary wardrobe, coloured or opaque glass is a more practical alternative to plain glass. The colours may be matched to the room’s colour scheme. The material also reflects light, enhancing the room’s brightness and airiness.

Solid wood Finish Cupboard Design

Nothing beats the warmth of wood. Solid wood adds a charming element and is quite versatile. It suits the theme of any room, whether it’s modern, country-style or rustic. Although wood is more expensive than other materials, it is highly durable. You will have to use just a coat of polish to look as good as new.

Metal Finish Cupboard Design

Brushed metal has been in the Indian households since long, just as old iron almirahs. While they might not match the decor in a modern home, they will be the perfect addition to an industrial-style room.

Stainless Steel Finish Cupboard Design

Stainless steel is a popular element used for kitchen cabinets, bringing a minimalist and modern touch to your bedroom space. It has a reflective surface, which is easy to maintain and enhances the spaciousness of any area.

Summing Up Cupboard Design For Small Bedrooms

Cupboards are any bedroom’s necessity. They not only keep your clothes and other stuff organised but also keep the rooms clutter-free. Cupboards also give the decor of your rooms a systematic look, making the space more efficient. Today there is a plethora of modern and innovative cupboard designs for bedrooms.

You can take inspiration from the above ideas to organise your bedroom space systematically if you intend to give it a makeover or make a new one. You may also seek expert assistance with the design of your bedroom’s cabinets.

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