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4 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home

 A home can feel claustrophobic for many reasons. Low sunlight during winter, extensively surrounded by trees and thoughtless construction are a few reasons that kill the vibrancy of a cozy dwelling. Dark corners rob a house of its life. So, living in a claustrophobic home is like a barking up the wrong tree, where you literally struggle to get the bright semblance. Most of the time dwellers tussle to maintain a positive flow of energy for better health and cheerful mood. It has been aptly said that an upbeat home keeps ambience and imagination get going. Let’s see how we can do that.

Large Mirrors and Faux Windows

A home with no windows or fewer ones gives a stifling feeling. So, it’s quite obvious that you as a dweller will suffer for airy and sunny approach. However, by installing large mirrors against walls in your guest or sitting room, you will mitigate that feeling. Install faux window decals beside the mirrors, choose soothing themes for window decals, such as entry to snow-clad mountains or a beach-side with turquoise tides, because nature in any form looks stunning. In case of a low ceiling, do not put an oversized mirror touching the ceiling as this can distract you.

Selection Of Colours

A house with abundant sunlight generally brightens the colours of the home. However, that’s not the case with a claustrophobic home. So, randomly choosing a colour scheme wouldn’t mitigate the dark influence. However, there are fewer colours that can even brighten a dungeon because these colours are highly reflective in nature. For this matter, try using high-gloss pale blue or white, whenever light falls on them from any source they reflect implicitly. If the same colours are applied onto the walls, make sure they have high-gloss properties.

Adequate Lighting

Break the suffocating semblance by bringing adequate lighting in the house. You can do this by strategically placing light items, for instance hide the lamps, in the book shelf or use a pendant light in your bathroom. Provide your kitchen cabinets with headlights. Powerful lighting in the house will eventually highlight the value of mirrors, window decals, high-gloss colour selection and a light-toned furniture.

Light-Coloured Flooring

If the walls of your home are painted in bold accents, then you must choose light flooring for your house. Whenever light falls on the light flooring, the reflection beams the overall ambience of the home. Avoid using moisture-soaking carpet or area rugs as light colours don’t absorb damp air. Not only this, light-coloured flooring highlights the placing of furniture, green plants, artifacts and your personal accessories in a valued manner.

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