Home improvement: 7 ideas for a festive revamp

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A moody monsoon gives way to the festive season and you want to open your house to friends and relatives. Start with some new trends to ensure sunshine and chase away the clouds. Paint your walls in sunshine yellow, buttercup yellow, sunny sky blue, tangerine.

Walls or wonder

Create a garden like haven complete with dragonflies, insects, long willowy leaves and foliage, in different tones of greens with grey, organic wall coverings, or even murals with garden themes reminiscent of Seneka Senenayeke or Henri Rousseau paintings.

These make a magical impact upon one or two walls of the living space or entertainment area. On other walls, choose themes in solid colour palette from the artwork on the wallpaper.

Traditional touches

With festive dandiya, Dussehra, Diwali, in the air, celebrate your living rooms and dens with an exquisite ethnic touch. Think mirror work and woven crafts, like Kutch embroidery, Rajasthan bandhani and mirror work, Phulkari throws, Ladakh kilims, Kan tha fabric upholstery, woven durries – that are now a rage all across Europe. Our Gujarat-and-Rajasthan-carved jharokhas make dramatic frames. Use Kalamkari sheets framed as screens in the room.

Our wealth of Indian arts and crafts adds panache to your rooms, with your purse not getting too light. The one danger of going ethnic is that it’s easy to go over the top. Keep it to just occasional accents intertwined with a trendy, global, neutral look.

In the throws

You may not need to change the up holstery ­ just use a tribal Toda shawl as a throw and pick up some cushions in red and black.

Into the wild

Make one room -facing the sea or a garden -outdoor-sy, designed with a garden theme but with all the comforts of indoors. It’s the Big Trend this year. Start with an assortment of oversized palms or even faux banana trees in earthen urns, echoed with chartreuse, lime, citron, moss green and ocean blue on walls and furnishings. Augment lamps with botanical paintings. Large pic ture windows with foliage hung on the outside, florals on chairs and an occasional couch or lamp shade make a statement. Wallpapers (in first point) echo this theme.

Water ways

Water bodies with floating water lilies and candles, simulated natural looking lotus, give a festive sparkle and create a calm spa-like ambience in your home. Natural finish woods, stone accessories enhance this soothing ambience.

Lamp it up

Look for lamp bases in unlikely stone sculptural art and new age steel forms. Even Indian Dhokra work sculpture with inbuilt lighting is delightful in its tribal allure. Japanese rice paper pendulum lamps in clusters of sizes and colours transform corridors and passages. Use them in organic shapes atop the coffee table, dining space or a corner nook seating area.

Lights everywhere

Pepper the lamps with tiny LED lights, nearly invisible within these large lighting features. These animate works of art become the focal point or the showstopper of your festive decor changes.

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